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As the years have gone by, so to have the wild birds. Today the average bird dog owner hunts 5 or 6 times a season, mostly on a preserve or hunt club over released birds. The other 360 days his dog must be a house dog/friend who loves the family and provides that faithful love that knows no conditions. That’s a “Dancer” Llewellin Setter.  Years of selective breeding for disposition, urgent need to please and bird hunting abilities second to none are our answer to the need of the times.  Experience the incomparable pleasure of owning a “Wingswept" Llewellin Setter  without risk (see our Guarantee).  Call or send a “request”, we will respond quickly.  Contact can be made by phone, email  or by submitting our "contact form".
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We have been breeding Llewellin Setters for over 50 years!
There is NO shortcut to acquiring the expertise and knowledge we possess about this exquisite breed of hunting dog.
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Deane:  Rikki Lynn has such a wonderful disposition, that allows me to hunt with enthusiasm one day and then visit the young (my wife's school)  and the old  (my Mother's Assisted Living Care Facility) with such gentleness the next day.  A person can't ask for more....Thank You.

I'm thrilled with the hunting!  On this first trip out, Rikki Lynn exceeded expectations.  She found, pointed, chased and RETRIEVED all 4 birds we used during the 1/2 hour FUN session.This is her first encounter with planted quail at 5 months and 1 day old.

Thank you for producing such a talented and very pretty bird-dog.  Please consider this as authorization to use any of the photos I send you for posting on your website or in any of your advertising materials and feel free to use me as a reference as the occasion may arise.  I'll consider it an honor to be able to say good things about your dogs, your kennel, and yourself.    ~  Phil Heckler